Mother's Day Gift Ideas

What do you get the person who not only has everything, but has also given you everything (you know, life, food, shelter, and as well as other important things in life)? This is the age-old dilemma every year when Mother’s Day comes around. Everyone wants to think of something creative. Sure, clothes and cards are great, but anyone can think of that. Surely your parents favorite child (which is you, I’m sure!) can think of the perfect gift. Well, luckily, we have taken care of this problem for you! Here are some local ideas that will give all the special mothers in your life experiences and services they will use and enjoy!

  1. For the “Chef” Mom

Could your mother use a break from cooking? Or maybe you’d like to cook for her, but you aren’t totally confident in your cooking skills. Hire Chef Ellen to cook a 4 course Mother’s Day meal! She will do the grocery shopping and preparation at your mom’s home. She can also provide a week’s worth of meals depending on what you decide.

You can find Chef Ellen here:

  1. For the “Stressed” Mom

Is your mom constantly working to keep the house clean on top of work, planning for various events and everything else she is juggling?

Hire Organizing by Lisa to help mom get organized for summer. She can help organize your home, office, closet, pantry, etc. Lisa can also assist with meal planning and family and time management counseling! For contact information and a full list of services visit her website.

You can find Lisa here:

  1. For the “Green Thumb” Mom

Spring is finally here (fingers crossed)! And it’s time to start planting. Cliff Avenue Green House has the perfect gift card to get your mom started on all of her gardening projects!

You can find Cliff Avenue Greenhouse here:

  1. For the “Family Time” Mom

What mom doesn’t love quality time with her family? Plan a picnic at Falls Park, Palisades Park or any of the beautiful parks in the Sioux Falls area! It’s a perfect, thoughtful and enjoyable gift that she will truly appreciate!

5. For the “Picture Perfect” Mom

When is the last time your family came together and took professional photos? Whether it is a yearly tradition, done every few years, or has never happened, pictures are a great way for families to look back and capture memories that last a lifetime. Gift a photo session this Mother’s Day! At “Violet and the Bear”, Tara Christians, creates beautiful family portraits that capture the happiness and love they share.

You can find Tara here:

  1. For Grandma

Don’t forget about grandma this Mother’s Day! Has she been thinking about getting some help around the house? Get her a gift card to Kore Cares. There are a variety of ways we can be of assistance around the home. For more information, check out our home care services online ( or give us a call at (605) 275-2344.

If in-home care isn’t what she needs, we also offer Electronic Caregiver Monitoring Systems which offer fall alert monitors in the form of a wristband or pendant. You can purchase an in-home system or a GPS system. Pricing varies based on the type you select. An Electronic Caregiver would be a thoughtful gift and also give you peace of mind.

If you are torn because your mom is a combination of these or maybe even all of them, you can always gift more than one of these ideas! Or you can save the rest for thoughtful, personal gifts for future Mother’s Days!