What happens if my scheduled caregiver cannot make it to my home?

Life happens. People get sick, go on vacation, have family emergencies, etc. Our caregivers are not immune to life’s curve balls. Through the use of advanced notification software, we provide assurance that clients and families are cared for in a timely manner, in turn offering peace of mind that your loved ones are well cared for. If your scheduled caregiver is unable to make it to your visit we will work with you and/or your family to ensure your needs are met.

How are your caregivers trained?

To ensure quality care, we hire certified nursing assistants or require our employees to complete a 43-hour personal care assistance training program within the first 60 days of employment. We also have a thorough mentoring program that allows new caregivers to learn from seasoned caregivers.

How quickly can home care service begin?

Many private duty home care agencies take days and even weeks to begin services with a new customer. Kore Cares understands that for many clients and families seeking care, the need for additional services can occur with little notice. Kore Cares will be committed to meeting with families interested in care on the day of inquiry and beginning services within 24 hours. Request a consultation now.

How are your services communicated to caregivers?

Kore Cares has a comprehensive software system that allows timely updates to caregivers and an option for clients and client family members to access information regarding services provided via online family portal. Our goal is to take away the fear that your loved one will ever fall through the cracks as can sometimes happen with other home care agencies. Every client matters to us and we take that responsibility very seriously.

What is your owners’ experience in the private duty home care industry?

Kore Cares' founders have more than 16 combined years of geriatric care experience in the Sioux Falls area. The founders Tara and Gabrielle, have extensive knowledge in the private duty home care industry. Together, Tara and Gabby acquired and started 11 private duty agencies in 8 states. Both are also members of national private duty organizations and have collaborated with some of the nation’s top home care agency owners to learn from one another, discuss best practices and advocate for necessary industry reform. The work of Kore Cares isn’t just a job for Tara and Gabby, it is their passion and calling.

Is the care plan tailored to your needs?

Each individual is unique and therefore each service plan will be customized to client preferences. Each service plan is customized to client preferences. We approach every situation on a case-by-case basis to help you set individualized goals for your care.