What's for Supper?

Are you racking your brain for meal ideas? Are you struggling to find time to make home cooked meals? Stop stressing and call Chef Ellen.

Kore Cares’ primary focus is to provide anyone, clients or not, with any assistance necessary to make their home life easier whether it be at a home, nursing home, assisted living facility, etc. We are always looking to form partnerships with other local businesses that have this shared interest. Many of our clients follow certain diets in order to maintain their health. Whether it’s by choice or due to diseases such as diabetes, a majority of our clients need some sort of meal preparation. While our caregivers are trained and skilled in many areas, they aren’t all chefs. Luckily, we recently connected with Ellen Doerr, a local chef, who can meet these needs.

Chef Ellen can be your own personal chef, providing home-cooked meals at the same price as dining out. She will come to your house and prepare entrees whether it’s for one person, or an entire family. Ellen can assist with:

· Family Meals

· Meal Replacement

· Dinner Parties

· In-Home Events

· Celebrations

· Barbeques

· In-Home Cooking Lessons

Menus are customized for each client to cater to their individual preferences.

Chef Ellen can also do the grocery shopping for you! You can reach her at (605) 951-0711 to set up a free consultation or visit her website at siouxfallschef.com!