Our employees are available to provide social interaction and provide for our clients’ emotional well-being. They often help connect clients to friends and family by assisting with social media as well. Life is lonely without companionship. Kore Cares employees provide a personal connection that improves client’s emotional well being.


Personal Care

Many of our clients require assistance with personal care. Whether this is help dressing, bathing and toileting, or help with transfers or completing a home exercise program, we are here to help you meet your goals. We can also help with other personal hygiene and medication reminders.


Meal Preparation

If you struggle to get out of your home for grocery shopping, we can help. We provide grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation services as well as assistance with eating. Our staff can provide as much or as little assistance as you need.



It is easy to become overwhelmed with all the chores involved in running a home. Let us help you by taking some of the pressure off. Our employees can help with laundry and general household chores such as sweeping, mopping and dusting.



Coordinating transportation to and from appointments and errands can be frustrating and feel never-ending. We can coordinate this transportation and assist your loved ones with errands and appointments.


Nursing Services

Managing health conditions while in home care is a priority to many of our clients. We are equipped to handle medication management, health assessments, monitoring vitals, wound care, dressing changes, ostomy/colostomy teaching and management, nail care, and management of urinary catheters.


Medical Alert Systems

Through partnership with a third party vendor we can offer wearable bracelets or pendant necklaces that, when pressed, alert either family members, 9-1-1, or both if you have an emergency. The system also includes the option of automatic reminders for medications, blood sugar and blood pressure checks. There is also an inactivity sensor that checks for movement at least twice a day in order to alert family members in case of an emergency.


Care Management

Your connection to the appropriate resources! A care manager can help individuals identify paths to improving one’s health and assist them in achieving their health care goals. Through our care management program we can do the following: patient advocate, care coordination, health assessments, health care navigation, representation at physician visits, and care needs identification and consultation.

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