Cost of In-Home Care vs. Nursing Homes

In a recent 2018 study, Genworth Financial Inc. reported that the average annual cost for a nursing home was: $89,297 for a semi-private room and $100,375 for a private room. In-home care averaged $48,048 annually. In healthcare, in-home care is the fastest growing service offering. More and more people are taking the necessary steps in their lives so they will be able to remain in their homes as long as possible. A hard decision for people (and family and friends involved in their care) in their later stages of life is deciding when or if they should go to a nursing home. Many do not want to choose that path, but without proper knowledge of what options are out there, they are left without a choice. Of course, when looking into care options, cost is a huge factor, so we have compiled pricing and benefit information to help make the decision easier.


First, we will get into the numbers. In a recent 2018 study, Genworth Financial Inc. ( reported that the average annual cost for a nursing home was: semi-private room- $89,297 and private room- $100,375. In-home care averaged $48,048 annually. Bottom line is, the more care a person needs, the higher the costs will be. While these are the national averages, in-home care is billed at an hourly basis and depending on the amount you or your loved one receives, the amount you would be paying could be drastically less than the national average above. As is the case with most things, cost is an extremely important factor, but benefits of each option should be carefully considered.


               There are benefits to both home care and nursing home care. The obvious benefit to home care is that you or your loved one has the opportunity to receive care in their home surround by their memories and belongings. The care provided by a home care agency is customized to the clients needs and preferences. The benefits of a nursing home is that the cost includes meals, utilities and around the clock care.

Cares for Couples

Another thing to consider is care for a couple. For examples, let’s say mom needs quite a bit of assistance throughout the day (bathing, getting up for the day, continence care, etc.), but lately her primary caregiver, dad, has been asking for more help from their home care caregiver as well. In home care, you’re not generally charged per person, so a home care aide can provide cares to both parents for the same price. Hours can also be increased or decreased depending on your loved ones’ needs if additional cares should ever be required. If both parents are in a nursing home, you can expect to pay double price for both of them to be there. If one parent is there, and the other is at home but still needing assistance, you may end up paying for nursing home and a couple of hours a week for a home care as well.

What’s the best option?

At the end of the day, the most important factor is what’s best for your loved one. What are their wishes? Where will they be happiest? Will you feel comfort in knowing they are safe and well cared for? If their ultimate wish is to remain in their home, Kore Cares can help with that! If you feel they would benefit more from assisted living or a nursing home, we are happy to help with that as well! Take advantage of our care management services. We will come meet with you, assess your needs, help set up tours at local options based on your preferences, and be there to help with any guidance you may need through this process. For more information on in-home care or care management, give us a call at (605) 275-2344.