Home Care FAQ's

Home care is a growing industry that is gaining popularity; however, it’s still a fairly new concept to a majority of people. Remaining independent in your home for as long as possible is the goal of any aging adult, but how does this business work, exactly? Here are a few commonly asked questions and our answers to them.

Who needs home care?

Home care services are available for anyone in need. Examples of individuals who may benefit from services include:

· Aging adults who are suffering from health issues or struggling with activities of daily living that make it possible to remain independent in their homes.

· Young adults who may be recovering from an injury or are living with disabilities.

· Family members who are caring for their loved ones and may need respite care to run errands, work, or just take time to relax.

· Adults who have daily treatments that require assistance such as medical equipment setup, medication monitoring, and medical supply applications.

· Any adult who is going through rehabilitation after a surgery or fracture that needs assistance in meal preparation, bathing, transportation, etc.

What is a caregiver?
A caregiver is an employee of a home care company who assists clients with all of the services provided by your selected agency. Caregivers often have experience working in other healthcare areas prior to their current job. They also may be licensed CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistant), PCAs (Personal Care Assistant), or HHA (Home Health Aid).

What kind of services can I get through Home Care?

· 24-Hour Care

· Companionship

· Personal Cares

· Cleaning

For more detailed descriptions on these types of cares, visit:http://www.korecares.com/resources/what-type-home-...

How do I make sure I’m choosing the right agency?

· Meet with your choice of agency for a consultation. This provides the perfect opportunity for you to meet the people you’ll be working with. It’s also valuable for planning your services and getting information on pricing and setting up a schedule.

· If you are wondering what questions you should ask potential home care agencies feel free to use our In Home Questionnaire at the bottom of our Services page. http://www.korecares.com/services

· If you were referred to a specific company, you can contact the referral source. Some questions you may ask could be:

o Why did you choose this agency?

o How do you choose which home care companies to refer clients to?

o Do you have a contractual obligation to this agency? If so, are there standards of service they must uphold included in this contract?

o How often do you refer clients to them?

o Are clients usually satisfied with these services?

How is home care paid for?

Agencies differ on what forms of payment they accept. While some clients pay directly, others can get services approved through insurance and government agencies such as DHS (Department of Human Services). If you are looking to use insurance to obtain services, it’s important to know which agencies accept this form of payment. Often times, your insurance company or case manager will have suggestions on which agency will be the right one for you.

If you have any questions about home care give us a call at 605-275-2344. We are here to help!

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