3 Ways to Ease into Home Care

Sometimes accepting help can be difficult- especially in your own home where you are used to doing everything yourself; however, basic household tasks that use to be second nature can become not only difficult but also dangerous for some aging adults. Clients can occasionally be resistant to services, leaving their children at a loss and wanting to help. Adult children (sons and daughters of clients in home care) often reach out and wonder what they can do to get their parents to accept more help. If you are someone who happens to be struggling with this, here are a few strategies you can try:

1. Begin with the Basics

It is important to remember that caregivers are not there to overwhelm anyone. There is a wide spectrum of assistance they can provide. It may be easier to start with just a few services and eventually work your way up to whatever is comfortable for you and your loved ones. We have found that once a client feels comfortable with their caregivers, they are much more accepting of the help their home care aide can deliver. Often times, conditions progress and worsen over time, causing a need for more help then was initially requested. Starting small and potentially increasing your services gradually over time will be much more beneficial and much less stressful for both you and your parents in the long run.

2. Start with an Electronic Caregiver

Kore Cares offers a medical alert system to clients. If your parents are resistant to having someone in their home right away, this may be the perfect option. The medical alert system is a wireless unit that can be worn as a pendant or a fitness band style wrist pendant. It offers 24/7 emergency response, medication reminders, handsfree communication, a health support app, and GPS locating. The medical alert system allows clients and families peace of mind knowing that assistance can be easily summoned in medical emergencies.

3. Request Meetings

Kore Cares offers multiple ways for clients and families to become more comfortable with home care. If you’re using another agency, check to see if they can provide these services for you and your family.

· Consultations- Consultations occur before the start of services. Someone from your chosen agency will come to your home and meet with you and your parents. This is where you have a chance to meet with the people you’ll be working with to ensure the well-being of your parents in the future. During the consultation, you can create a preferred schedule for visits, learn information on pricing, set up the services a caregiver will provide for you, and relay any questions or concerns you may have.

· Introductions- Most clients prefer consistent home care aides coming into their homes. At Kore Cares, we try to provide this, but sometimes caregivers get sick, need vacation, or leave their job to move or pursue other opportunities. If there is a new caregiver coming into your home, someone who is familiar with your loved one and their needs will be at the shift to introduce the new caregiver and show them around.

· Check-ups- You can request that we keep you updated on the care of your loved one. Kore Cares can call with updates, concerns, weekly schedules, etc. You can request any of this information at any time during services, including the initial consultation.

Still not sure where to start? Give us a call we are here to help: 605-275-2344.

Haley VikKore Cares