How to Prepare for the New Year with Home Care

The New Year is days away and the holidays are wrapping up. Family is headed

back home and ready to move into 2019. Sometimes, if you’re a family member who lives out of

town and doesn’t get back as much as usual, you may notice changes that you weren’t aware

of the last time you visited. While you were home for the holidays, did you notice your

mother/father, grandma/grandpa, etc. seemed to be having a more difficult time carrying out

everyday tasks than normal? Maybe they could use a little extra help in the home.

If this sounds like something you experienced, Kore Cares is here to help! Give us a call or leave a message on our website. We can meet with your loved one promptly to evaluate the situation and work out a schedule and care plan. You can remain involved in the care every step of the way with our online portal where you can see when we will be coming, who will be coming, and how long the caregiver will be there. You can also ask questions and communicate with us through the portal. You’ll feel secure in knowing your loved one is taken care of from miles away!

If you’re not set on home care, we are happy to assist with that too! We can meet with you and discuss your options of care. Our care management specialist can assess your loved one’s needs and guide them in finding the best solution to help them remain as independent as possible while giving family and friends peace of mind knowing they are safe.

In-home care can cover anything from two hours every other week for housekeeping to 24/7 care. If you’re noticing changes, don’t wait to make a move. Ease into services now so you’re prepared if the situation ever escalates. Call us at (605) 275-2344 to schedule your services!