Our Experience at OsteoStrong

Three members of the Kore Cares team recently visited OsteoStrong’s Sioux Falls franchise which just opened its doors in mid-December. OsteoStrong is built around the goal of strengthening the skeletal system through a series of short, quick exercises that will not cause you to sweat, feel sore the next day, or overexert yourself.

An entire session at OsteoStrong is ten minutes or less. There are four musculoskeletal treatment devices that emulate the impact of lifting much heavier devices than humans are usually able to support, but in a safer way without the added intensity.  Each machine is designed to test and strengthen different parts of the skeletal system through osteogenic loading which increases bone density growth at a far greater speed and with much less physical output.

Our session started with a brief history of how and why OsteoStrong was created. We then learned about the science behind it, heard about results, and got a run through of the equipment. The three of us were each walked through a session by an OsteoStrong trainer. It started with a 2-minute session on a platform that pulses vibration into your body while you’re moving and stretching. The four musculoskeletal machines followed, each testing strength in different areas of your body.  The session ended with another 2 minutes on the platform. The coaches at OsteoStrong were supportive and encouraging, and we left feeling great!

There are studies and statistics that back up OsteoStrong’s role in improving osteoporosis, diabetes, posture, etc. If you’re doubting the methods, or wanting to experience it for yourself. Schedule a session today and get the full experience! For more information, check out their website at osteostrong.me