5 Activities to Connect with an Alzheimer’s Patient

Finding ways to connect with those with Alzheimer’s can be difficult. Here are 5 relaxing, stress-free activities you or your home care caregiver can use to bond with your loved one.

1. Look Through Old Photo Albums

Looking at old photos and memories is a great way to interact with an Alzheimer’s patient. It’s a calming activity and gives you the chance to ask questions and learn about the people closest to them. It can also give you a chance to hear stories from their past. This will help you get to know your loved one better as well as give you talking points in the future.

2. Sing Songs or Listen to Music

Music without lyrics can be calming. Likewise, listening to songs you both know the lyrics to can establish a common point and make your loved one feel more comfortable.

3. Bake

Start with a simple recipe (here are twenty 2-ingedient cake mix recipes. This is an easy (and delicious) activity. You and your loved one can pick out your favorite combination and use the mixes to make cupcakes, cookies, or a cake!

4. Color-by-Number Paint

This activity is great for concentration. It requires focus, but isn’t an overly difficult task which makes it perfect for an Alzheimer’s patient. Additionally, it’s a project you can work on for days, or an entire afternoon, and the result is something that can be hung on a wall or fridge and referenced back to later.

5. Word Search Puzzles

These are a fun and relaxing way to spend time together. Plus, most word search books come with hundreds of puzzles to work on so whenever you have time, there will always be a new one to work on!

As a home care agency, we love to share ideas and our experiences as well as learn from others. If you have activities you would like to share with us we would love to hear them. Please send us your ideas at: info@korecares.com.