5 Resources for Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a common and difficult disease that 29 million people in the U.S. are currently living with. Managing this can often be frustrating and hard to deal with. Luckily, the Internet has unlimited information on everything diabetes- from insulin guides to dieting tips. Here is a list of 5 great resources for diabetes care!

1. Basic Information

Questions regarding Type I or Type II, best practices, symptoms and maintenance? This website is filled with information that will be beneficial for all aspects of diabetes.


2. Tips for Decreasing Insulin Usage

Testing blood sugar and taking insulin multiple times a day can become a tedious and stressful task. There are tips and tricks out there (like in the link below) that provide advice when it comes to maintaining steady blood sugar levels so that the pokes and prods can hopefully occur less often.


3. Dieting Guides

The Internet is full of meal planning, snack ideas and carb replacements specifically for diabetics. There are also food charts detailing carb counts and sugar levels in certain foods. This website includes all of these elements:


This additional website below contains a five week meal plan for those looking to shop and prepare breakfast, lunch and dinners in advance:


4. Diabetes Educator

Another great resource on the Internet is sites that provide trained professionals who can coach you through issues you’re having. These people are trained diabetes educators. They can be available for any questions that may arise. This website below also offers training to become a diabetes educator so that you can help your loved one with the problems and frustrations that may occur when handling this disease.


5. Kore Cares Pinterest

The Kore Cares Pinterest page has a board specifically dedicated to diabetes care. It has blood sugar levels charts, diets, information about diabetes all in one spot. It’s also being updated on a regular basis, so new information is always accessible there as well as the old pins you may have liked on there before! Below is a link to the diabetes board: