Sioux Falls Storm Helpful Information

Wow what a week! The weather in Sioux Falls, SD has been something for the history books. Sioux Falls had 3 confirmed F2 tornados which caused a lot of damage. In fact, just one block east of the Kore Cares office several businesses were destroyed. We were very fortunate that the Kore Cares office only received minimal damage. We serve around 90 clients in the Sioux Falls area and had several clients effected by the storm, no one received any injuries but did receive damage to their homes. Our caregivers did an awesome job of navigating the wreckage and finding creative ways to get to client’s homes. We are very grateful for our home care team and all they have done to support their clients in this challenging time. Also thank you to the Sioux Falls community members that are volunteering their time to help those in need.

If you or someone you know has been affected by the Sioux Falls storm here is some helpful information:

The City of Sioux Falls has a webpage dedicated to updates and information related to the storm:

For Sioux Falls residents needing to report damage, please dial 211. 

For residents wanting to volunteer to assist in the disaster response, please dial 211. 

When to call 911? 

  • When you see smoke, fire or sparks – call 911 as that is a city emergency.

    • This includes if you see a downed power line(s).

Tree Information

  • When there is a tree blocking a city maintained road, call non-emergency police at 367-7000.

    • Ex. does the city do snow removal on this road. If no, dial 211. If yes, contact non-emergency police.

  • If you need help removing a downed tree that is blocking private property (such as your driveway or a sidewalk), please dial 211.

  • The City has opened 2 tree debris sites.

    • One site is located at the Street Division Campus (Chambers Street and Cliff Avenue).

    • The other site is located just north of 12th Street and Lyons Boulevard. Hours of operations are 7:00am – 7:00pm, daily.

  • Companies will be methodically going through the City and removing trees starting with the 41st and Western Street area.

  • Brandon – A temporary tree site will be opened at Aspen Park until Wednesday, September 18th. South End of the Parking Lot in Aspen Park in Brandon, SD.


  • Non-tree storm related debris can be taken to the Regional Landfill located at 26750 464th Avenue, Hartford, SD 57033 at no charge through the end of September. Normal landfill hours are 7:30am – 5:00pm, Monday – Saturday. All loads must be tarped.

View the road closure map. 

Natural Gas Supply Issue(s)? If the natural gas supply to your home or business has been shut off, do NOT turn it back on until you have contacted MidAmerican Energy to coordinate turning it back on. If you smell gas, call 911 so emergency responders can check it out.

Avera Closures: 

Updates from the City of Sioux Falls ( 

  • Storm response updates and information

    • Parts of Sioux Falls sustained significant damage from severe storms that moved through the area overnight. The emergency operations center has been mobilized. Please check back at this page for updates on damage, power outages, and next steps for residents.

  • Shelter Information

    • The Red Cross will open a shelter for people displaced by the storm. The shelter is located at the armory on the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds, located at 100 North Lyons Boulevard. Doors opened at 3:45am, Wednesday, September 11.

  • Heavily Impacted Areas

    • Based on early assessments, the area of Sioux Falls that received the greatest impact from the overnight storm is bordered by 26th Street on the north, 85th Street on the south, Marion Road on the west, and Minnesota Avenue on the east.

  • Tuthill park is closed as well as bike trails closed. Please respect barricades.

  • A City Disaster Declaration has been signed by the Mayor.

  • Companies will be methodically going through the City and removing trees starting with the 41st and Western Street area.

  • Residents in the area of Project Nice and Keep should retrieve any items that were blown around. The City will communicate out a rescheduled plan of dates.

  • If you come to an intersection that the signal is not working, treat it as a four way stop.


  • Warning sirens are intended to warn outdoor residents of an approaching storm. The system is activated by the 911 Dispatch Center with guidance from the National Weather Service. The Mayor assured residents that the siren system does work. There was an element of human error. Plans to remedy the situation going forward are being discussed and put in place.

Excel Energy 

  • Thousands of customers are without service. Extra staff are being brought in. If a tower/pole is bent over, call Customer Service Number at 800-895-4999 and follow the prompts. The automated phone reporting system lets customers report outages in less than 60 seconds. Once the problem is identified the system or an Excel Energy representative will provide customers with an estimated restoration time. Excel will be posting updates via social media and online at

  • Text ‘OUT’ to 98936 to report an outage or text ‘STAT’ to the same number to check the status of the power outage.


Currently, there are no sites/locations that are accepting physical donations. Monetary support is recommended.

Again, thank you to the home care caregivers caring for those in their homes as well as the community volunteers helping those affected!