Home Care: The Kore Cares Difference

As the desire grows for people to remain independent in their homes, the number of home care agencies and options in larger areas continues to grow as well. How do you know who to choose? What makes one home care agency different than all the others? We’ve compiled a list of things we do at Kore Cares that we think sets us apart and makes us a quality, full-service agency!


The Kore Cares leadership team is comprised of 35+ years of health care experience. Each of the four members of the administrative staff can tell a unique story of their start as a caregiver or CNA in the field and how they worked their way up. Our team also has experience in caring for their own loved ones. It’s important to us that we have an administrative team that understands home care from the front-line staff’s perspective, the management perspective and the from the client or family’s perspective.


Kore Cares is locally owned and operated which means local accountability. If you set up a meeting, call the office, or send/receive emails with us, it will always be one of four people that work in the office that you will be in contact with. Because of our structure we are able to handle situations quickly and efficiently. We work as a small unit to ensure quality care that is personal. It also means we are passionate about helping our community thrive. We back this up by being involved in multiple community organizations. If you’d like to learn more about us, head over to our website and Meet our Team!

Employment Standards

Quality of care is very dependent on the person providing it. This is why we pour countless amounts of time, energy and resources into recruiting and retaining quality employees. We know how important the jobs of our caregivers are. We want to make sure they know they are appreciated and we take multiple steps to reward our caregivers based on performance.


Communication is a huge factor in how we do business. We stay in contact with clients in multiple ways including weekly schedule contact, birthday cards, timely notifications of updates we may have, as well as face to face client experience visits. We encourage both clients and caregivers to provide timely feedback regarding their experience with Kore Cares.

We also offer a Family Portal where family members or clients can communicate with the office staff, see details of each shift (what tasks were completed, any updates on the client’s well-being), and see their schedule.

Payer Sources

We accept a variety of payer sources including Medicaid, state funded programs, VA, long term care insurance, and private pay. We are happy to handle the claims and paperwork necessary for any insurance purposes. For more information on each of these payer sources, read our blog about each payer source and who qualifies for each one!

We are in this business because we want to make sure those in need have the care, they need to fulfill their vision of life. We do this by empowering individuals to use their God given gifts and talents to serve those in need. If you have any questions regarding home care, the senior services offered in the Sioux Falls community or are looking for meaningful work do not hesitate to call, 605-275-2344 or visit our website at www.korecares.com.