Stories from our Staff: Black Hills Veteran’s March

At Kore Cares, our number one priority is to provide meaningful employment and quality home care. However, we are also passionate about helping out and giving back. We would like to share the ways we do this in hopes that it will spread the word about some amazing causes out there! This past weekend, Gabby Hoing participated in the Veteran’s March Marathon out in Deadwood, South Dakota. This event is put on annually to honor our brave troops- both past and present. For the past 5 years, her family has been a big part of this event (sponsorships, marathon participants, food donations, event staff help, etc.) We love telling stories about the things in life that are important to us, and would love to hear yours as well! Enjoy!

At the beginning of this year, my 57-year-old father challenged our family to the 26.2-mile Black Hills Veterans March. As a family, we have participated in this event the last five years by hosting a rest stop and running the march. My dad also secures sponsorships to ensure the runners have a hearty beef brisket sandwich as the end of the race. My sister originally got us involved in this event as she is in the full-time guards out of Rapid City and sits on the committee that helps organize this event. Running in this year’s event was especially near and dear to our hearts as my sister has been deployed in Iraq for the last year. In fact, she returned home from her deployment on Tuesday and we ran the marathon on Saturday. What a way to welcome her home!

My family and I are not natural runners- or exercisers for that matter. This event was a great way for us to get motivated to exercise and make healthier choices. I am excited to say we all survived the 26.2-mile march and had a great time doing it!

We survived and met all our goals!

  • Support and honor our veterans!

  • Celebrate my sister’s returning safely from deployment in Iraq!

  • Survive the 26.2-mile march!

  • As a group average 14-16 minutes per mile!

  • Place 1st for the co-ed full march!

  • Dad finish before the awards ceremony!

  • Host an awesome rest stop!

  • Have a great time with great people!

The Black Hills Veteran March is a picturesque trek through the mountainous terrain of the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. This march/ marathon pays tribute to the many sacrifices that this nation’s veterans have made in the past and continue to make today. All proceeds raised from the event goes to assist local veterans. This event is a great way to show your patriotism and have fun doing it. There are 6 rest stops along the trail that usually have fun themes, great snacks, and friendly faces.

This year the youngest participant was 11 and the oldest was 80. As you can see this is a great event for young, old, naturally athletic and those who aspire to be more fit. If you are interested in next years event check out We would love to see you there!