Need Assistance in your Home? Here’s how Kore Cares can Help

People are often asking what kinds of services we offer at Kore Cares. We can list our services, but people who are unfamiliar with home care are often still left wondering exactly what it is they need and for how long or how often they need it. We hope that providing scenarios in this blog post as well as previous blogs will help answer your questions. Our services are customizable to each individual. No client is the same and we don’t expect their needs to be either. No matter what it is, even if it doesn’t end up being our services you need, we are here to assist in any way possible. Check out some examples of client scenarios below!

Monthly Transportation Services

John lives at an assisted living facility. All of his daily needs are currently met in regards to medication reminders, meal preparation and any additional assistance throughout the day and nighttime. About once a month, John needs transportation to doctor’s appointments. He is able to walk but no longer drives and needs a ride to these appointments. This service is not offered at his facility. About a week in advance, an employee who works with John at his assisted living facility calls to schedule a ride for John with Kore Cares. He is picked up by a caregiver who makes sure he is on time for all scheduled appointments and arrives home safely following his appointments. Don’t be afraid to use only one of our services on an occasional basis. We expect these situations and are grateful to be of assistance.

Daily Services

A few years ago, Lisa had a string of medical complications that left her severely brain damaged. After a year of living in facilities sustaining treatments to gain stability, Lisa moved in with her family. Lisa’s sister and brother-in-law were now full-time caregivers for Lisa, as she now needed 24/7 assistance. This included tube feedings, bathing assistance, personal cares, etc. Weekends and evenings were covered by family, but the 8a-5p portion of the day when they were at work presented an issue. They hired Kore Cares to come into their home and care for their loved one so that she could remain at home. They were given a consistent set of caregivers (one primary and 2-3 fill-ins) to make sure Lisa could have a comfortable and familiar relationship with her caregivers. This also ensured that her small team of caregivers each knew how to properly care for her. Kore Cares can provide respite care services for anything from a couple of hours a week to 8 hours a day.

AM/PM Services

Phil lives at home with his wife. Due to medical complications, his leg was amputated last year. He now has a prosthetic leg and a walker to assist him with getting around. Because of this, he needs a caregiver to assist him with his morning and nighttime routine. This includes bathing assistance, transfer assistance, toileting assistance, etc.

Do any of these scenarios sound like you or your loved one? Are you still wondering if your situation applies to home care? Give us a call, and we will be happy to answer your questions! (605) 275-2344