Meet Our Interns

For the last few months, Kore Cares has been lucky enough to have three interns from the Career and Technical Education Academy (CTE) here in Sioux Falls. CTE provides high school students advanced training in a variety of career areas. Students attend CTE during a 2-hour free period from their regular school schedule. During their time as interns, they engaged in online training for the home care field, nursing visits, meetings, marketing and event preparations, and client interactions such as introductions and consultations. We enjoyed getting to know these ladies, and we want to give you a chance to do the same!

Emily McDonald:


Future Plans: Emily is attending Dakota Wesleyan University in the fall. She will major in biology with hopes of attending Medical School post-under grad. She will also be on the DWU track team.

Internship Highlight: “Being able to go to introductions and seeing the nurse work with patients/seeing duties on-the-job.”

Internship Take-Aways: “It showed me a side of health care that I was not aware of. It helped me learn many new skills that will be helpful for my future in the medical field.”

Hawa Nigo:


Future Plans: Hawa plans to attend The University of South Dakota at The University Center for nursing in the fall.

Internship Highlight: “The hands-on training and the medical terminology I learned."

Most Valuable Thing Learned: ”I learned how to help someone with memory loss whether they’re in their home, a nursing home, or hospital.”

Tijana Pease:


Future Plans: Tijana will attend The University of South Dakota to pursue a career in nursing in the fall.

Internship Highlight: “Working at the open house was very fun. I also enjoyed interacting with different clients and seeing how the business works.”

Internship Take-Aways: “This internship helped me prepare for my future career. I learned many things about nursing and business."