How can Care Management Help in Making Medical and Life Decisions?

Care Management Services will include:

  • Care Coordination

  • Health Assessments

  • Health Care Navigation

  • RN Attendance during Physician Visits

  • Care Needs Identification and Consultation

There are so many ways an individual could use care management but here are a few examples:

  • Mary and Bob are well into their retirement years. They are experiencing some health crises and need guidance. Bob has had a stroke and needs additional care and Mary just does not feel well. She is weak, tired and does not feel like herself lately. Their kids do not live close and their goal is to remain in their home as long as possible. They contact a care manager to help them identify the care needs for Bob, complete a health assessment for Mary, and attend physician visits to help them understand what their options are for improving their current situation.

  • Martha lives in the home which her and her husband built 30 years ago. She hates to move but now that her husband has passed away the home is to much for her to manage on her own. She needs help evaluating her options for remaining in her home but is also curious about what other options are available if she decides to move. She contacts a care manager to help her assess her options and connect her with the appropriate resources.

  • John lives by himself and has multiple health issues. He has so many doctor appointments and medications that it is hard to keep everything straight. He knows his kids are busy and hates to bother them, but he needs help coordinating his health care needs. He decides to hire a care manager to attend physician visits with him, schedule appointments, and manage his medications.

  • Jane knows she needs to put together an advance directive to help her guide her children if anything were to happen to her, but she has no idea where to start. She decides to hire a care manager to help her with advanced care planning.

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