7 Clever Products on Amazon that are Helping the Aging Process

Many of our home care clients use adaptive devices that assist them with living independently in their home. Here are a few clever products that have helped our home care clients and might also help you or someone you know.

1. Transfer Sheet

A transfer sheet can help reposition someone who is unable to move themselves in bed. With multiple handles on both sides, it offers an easy transition.

Get one here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0721MHQSX/ref=ox_sc_act_title_4?smid=A2DARLD1MIFHLO&th=1

2. Swivel Seat Cushion

If you yourself or someone you know has difficulty getting in and out of vehicles, the swivel seat could be the perfect solution. It makes turning into and out of the car a much simpler process.

Get one here:


3. Overbed Bedside Table

Often used in hospitals, these tables are perfect for people who maybe be bedbound for any significant non-sleeping time throughout the day.

Get one here:


4. Weighted Silverware

Parkinson’s disease can cause unsteadiness and trembling that can make it difficult to pick up eating utensils and use them properly. Weighted silverware helps steady the hand and reduce shakiness.

Get yours here:


5. Big Button Phone Dialer

This device connects to the landline phone and provides large pictures of the person that calls them when their button is pressed. It’s great for people who have trouble remembering phone numbers, seeing the numbers on the phone, or dialing numbers.

Get one here:


6. Auto-Assist Grab Bar

If you or your loved one has a difficult time getting in and out of the vehicle, this auto-assist grab bar can help. It hooks to the vehicle after the door is opened to provide support and transfers your weight to the device to help the transition.

Get one here:


7. Playing Card Holder

A card holder can help people who struggle with joint pain or arthritis keep their cards organized and visible without causing any extra discomfort.

Get one here:


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