New Office- Better Training

We have been blessed with the ability to serve many home care clients and build a great team of caregivers to care for people in the comfort of their home. Due to this growth, we saw a need for a new office space. If you haven’t already noticed we have moved from our office on the corner of 49th and Louise to an office on 41st in Park Place Center which is above Fuddruckers and across the parking lot from Olive Garden.

This new space allows us to have an adequate training room for new caregivers. We are seeing people stay at home longer with the help of home care and medical equipment such as hoyer lifts, stand aides, portable and refillable home oxygen units, hospital beds, etc. This means the level of care we provide in the home has increased, which in turn means we must provide adequate training in order for our caregivers to succeed. When I was trained as a home care aide my first few hours on the job were filling out new hire paperwork and told the does and don’ts of the business. Next I was given a list of clients and addresses, told what time to be at their house and was left to pretty much figure things out from there. As the level of care in the home increases so must the training. Yet there are still companies that provide very minimal training.

At Kore Cares we do things a little different. Yes, there is still the necessary new hire paperwork and that thrilling review of the handbook. Once that is complete we talk about our expectations of our caregivers and assign them online learning courses. These online learning courses teach them about what to expect in the home and how to provide for the client. We tailor the courses to the individual, meaning those with less experience get assigned our more detailed courses. Also, for those less experienced we now have a training room in our office that we utilize to do hands-on training such as proper bed positioning, transferring with a hoyer lift or gait belt, bed bath, making an occupied bed, proper body mechanics, and providing personal cares. To also ensure our clients expectations are met and our caregivers are successful, we introduce our caregivers to the clients and give caregivers an overview of the care plan.

We are excited to have more office space and a training room for our caregivers. If you would like to speak to us more about our training program or tour our office give us a call.