A Butterfly to Remember Event

On Tuesday this last week, a few Kore Cares staff members participated in AseraCare Hospice’s “A Butterfly to Remember” event. Kore Cares was part of a committee this year that was tasked with planning the event. For those who haven’t heard of “A Butterfly to Remember,” AseraCare Hospice has put on the event annually for the last ten years. It was created for people to come and enjoy a meal, live music, and hear speakers tell stories and share memories of friends or family that have passed.

Participants that come to the event register the name(s) of the person/people they’ve lost. They are then given a card which they exchange for a butterfly towards the end of the event. At the end of the evening, a list of loved ones who have been lost is read. When the family/friends of the person is called, their loved ones release a butterfly in their honor. It’s a memorable way to honor someone you’ve lost, and can be done yearly at this event.

Every year one or two speakers share their experiences with losing someone close to them. This year, Kore Cares owner Gabrielle Hoing delivered the testimonial at the event!

Overall the 10th Annual “A Butterfly to Remember” event went great! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and AseraCare did a great job putting everything together. We can’t wait to go back next year!